What are the highpoints of chopta chandrashila trek?

A popular Uttarakhand Trek in the Indian Himalayan Range, Chopta Chandrashila Trek is an excellent way to find happiness in the Garhwal Himalayas. It is definitely a delight for trekking enthusiasts– A remarkable vantage spot that provides 360º panoramic sights of the great Himalayas. This beautiful trek comes under moderate difficulty level. Read this Chopta Chandrashila trek review to know more.

Chopta Chandrashila Trekking offers incredible views of the well-known peaks in the Himalayas which include Chaukhamba, Nandadevi, Kedarnath,Trishul, Kalanag, Massif, Bandarpuch, Neelkanth,Yellow Tooth.

This trek is often done with Chopta, Chandrashila, Tungnath, and Deoria Tal. Some of the amazing places that come on the way of this trek are Rishikesh, Augustmuni, Rudraprayag, Ukhimath, Chopta and Sari Village.

The main attractions are:

  • Chopta:

The 12 km trek ahead to Deoria Tal leads to Chopta, 2900 meters. Chopta could be reached by road and its 34 km from Ukimath, 254 km from Rishikesh and 450 km from New Delhi. Chopta is a small settlement and starting point to Panch Kedar Tungnath and offers an amazing view of Himalayan Peak including Nanda Devi (the most sacred mountain), Trishul, and Chaukhamba. Chopta is home to varied flora and fauna and has thick forest pine deodar and rhododendron.

  • Chandrashila:

Chandrashila is 2 km ahead and the peak of Tungnath. Chandrashila means the “Moon Rock”. This is situated at an altitude of approximately 13,000 ft higher than sea level. The peak offers a magnificent view of the Himalayas, especially Nandadevi Peak, Trishul, Kedar Peak, Bandarpuch and Chaukhamba Massif peaks. This place also has various legends linked with it.

  • Tungnath:

The World’s highest Shiva temple and is one of the 5 Panch Kedar temples situated in Tunganath range in the Rudraprayag area. Positioned at an elevation of 12,073 ft, and immediately underneath the Chandrasila peak, Tungnath temple is considered to be over 1000 years old and stands 2nd in the pecking order of the Panch Kedar Temples. According to the legends, it has a rich history with related to Pandavas from the Mahabharata.

  • Deoriatal:

Deoriatal is a beautiful lake at a height of 2,387 meters and just 3 km from Sari Village. The trekking route is filled with lush green trees like Rhododendron bearing completely red colored flowers like China rose during May-June.

Chopta chandrashila Trekking in May is a great idea; however, Chopta Chandrashila Trek can be undertaken round the year.

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