5 Reasons Why Valley Of Flowers Trek Is A Must For All Nature Lovers

Are you looking for an off-beat trek? A trek that is beautified with carpet of flowers so that there is no ruggedness at every step! Well, the Valley of Flowers Trek is certainly the best option for you. The picturesque and vibrant flowers that you see here is something that you will not find in any other trek. Thus, this trek is definitely special, and it will be an experience of a lifetime for you. Especially, if you are a nature lover, you should not miss this trek.

Reasons Why This Trek Is Special And Must:

The Valley of Flowers Uttarakhand is famous for its flora and fauna, trek and vegetation. The amazing aroma and the scenic beauty are sure to enthrall the heart and mind of any trekker.

  1. Off-beat destination– If you are keen to spend your holiday away from the crowd and want to fall in endless love with varied species of flowers, it is a must do trek for you. It involves almost a week trek.
  2. Easy trek– Though it is a high altitude trek, yet it is a comparatively easy trek. Hence, it is suitable for every type of trekker. This trek will helps you in cleansing the body and soul with its divine beauty.
  3. Route to Gurudwara– The route to this trek is also similar to the route of Hemkund Sahib In fact, the trek to the valley of flowers is incomplete if you miss the divine surroundings and the Gurudwara itself.
  4. The beauty of the Himalayas– The might Himalayan Peaks that you will witness in this trek will fascinate you in every sense of the term. The colorful alpine flowers standing in the snow covered peaks of Himalayas is a sight not to be missed at all.
  5. Ideal for budget trekkers– Since the Valley of Flowers Trek Cost is very low, it is ideal for trekkers and travelers who are planning a budget trip. You can find very affordable Valley of Flowers trekking packages at Trek the Himalayas at very affordable rates. The amazing adventure experience that you will get in return will remain fresh in your memory for a long time to come.

The best time to plan this trek is from June to September because you can see the flowers in their fullest bloom.

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